About Us


Cloud Protocol aims to enable investors to invest safely.The audit certificate, which will be issued as a Cloud Protocol, disables possible fraud attempts.

To achieve this, we are working together with experts in their field.

The people in his team are experienced people who have worked on many

Vision & Mission

What is the System of the Project?

Ethereum Block Chain is a project system that uses both the first open source protocols on the network using EIP2718 open source codes and has an AUDITI certificate and will be executed with a coin target.

What is the audit certificate?

Nowadays, most projects receive a cybersecurity certificate from various project, but it doesn’t feel safe to everyone.

Next to the Cloud is to protect the time and its applications from legal and enforcement and I will say it threats. We do not aim to build a solid foundation for full-fledged products, develop and ground new and existing products. Collectively praise and support C for you and as our local utility token. In our first year, they are our complementary and complementary elements in a sustainable business organization. New products, services and network relations. In 10 years, we plan to continue to plan our future from 2021-2031. It will be backed by our CPRO coin and used in rules use and purchases. This local utility coin will also serve as a special payment option for our upcoming payments. Cloud Firm; A marketplace located where children are legal and free movement can list and sell.